Exams motivate students to study harder


Imagine that you are doing a project “Exams motivate students to study harder” together with your friend. You have found some illustrations and want to share the news. Leave a voice message to your friend. In 2,5 minutes be ready to tell the friend about the photos:

  • Give a brief description of the photos, justifying the choice of the photos for the project
  • Say in what way the pictures are different, justifying the choice of the photos for the project
  • Mention the advantages and disadvantages (1-2) of exams;
  • Express your opinion on the subject of the project – whether you would like to have exams and why yes

You will speak not more than 3 minutes (12-15 sentences total). You have to talk continuously.




Hi, … I hope that you haven’t forgotten about the project we are going to do together. You know, I have found a couple of great pictures for it.

In the first picture there are two schoolboys who are having their final exam. We understand it as one of them is holding an envelope with a special sign on it. Both students are focused and a bit of nervous. In the second photo several students are working in a group and discussing the project together. They are relaxed and it seems that they are enjoying this type of task or exam. I think that both of these photos properly illustrate the topic of our project. The first one shows the traditional way of checking students’ knowledge with the help of the exams, while the second one presents alternative way of tasting students. Both pictures together provoke reflection and arguments about our topic.

These two pictures have a couple of differences. Firstly, they underline two different ways of tasting students: an exam and a group project. Secondly, the presence or absence of an ability to communicate is a significant difference too.

I suppose in the project we have to mention the advantages and disadvantages of exams. First of all, exams create competition and as a result students try to work harder to win. Exams also help to develop the personality. The individuals become more confident and train their attentiveness and their ability to demonstrate their best. As for the disadvantages, the exam season brings a lot of stress with it. Many students are not able to study due to the increased level of anxiety.  Also three hours exam is not enough to judge the skills of a student. There is a possibility that one cannot perform well during it.

As for me I am not a big fan of exams, as they are not always a fair way of testing someone’s knowledge, but I have no other choice at the moment.

I want to know what you think about my ideas as soon as possible so, please, call me back.


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