Телефонный опрос ОГЭ: how teenagers feel about school holidays

Task 2. You are going to take part in a telephone survey. You have to answer six questions. Give full answers to the questions.


It’s an electronic assistant of the teen web.

We kindly ask you to take part in our survey.

We need to find out how teenagers feel about school holidays.

Please answer 6 questions. The survey is anonymous – you don’t have to give your name.

So, let’s get started.


What grade are you in?

I’m in the 9th grade.


How many school holidays do you have?

There are 4 school holidays. We have school holidays every season.


What school holidays do you like best of all?

I love my summer holidays most of all. We have almost 3 months for the things we love to do.


Why do most teenagers enjoy school holidays so much?

Most teenagers enjoy school holidays because during a busy school year it’s difficult to find time for our hobbies. Also, we need some time to do nothing.


What do you usually do during your summer holidays?

I go to the camp for two weeks every summer. Also, we often travel during my summer holidays.


Do you think it is a good idea for a teenager to take a part-time job during the summer holidays? Why?

I think it’s not a very good idea to do part-time job during summer holidays. Teenagers want to have a rest and to enjoy their free time. Holidays are for pleasure but not for work when you’re a teenager.



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