Телефонный опрос ОГЭ: teenagers’ daily routine

Task 2. You are going to take part in a telephone survey. You have to answer six questions. Give full answers to the questions.

 Remember that you have 40 seconds to answer each question.


It’s an electronic assistant of the teen web.

We kindly ask you to take part in our survey.

We need to find out about teenagers’ daily routine.

Please answer 6 questions. The survey is anonymous – you don’t have to give your name.

So, let’s get started.


How many days a week do you go to school?

I go to school 5/6 days a week. I don’t study on Saturdays/I have to study on Saturdays too.


When do you go to bed in the evening?

I usually go to bed at 11 p.m. It’s really difficult for me to get up in the morning so I try not to fall asleep very late.


How do you spend your mornings?

I get up at 7 a.m., have a shower, get dressed and have breakfast. Then I go to school.


What means of transport do you use to get to school?

I go to school by bus/by underground/on foot. It takes me 25/10 minutes to get there.


What do you usually have for lunch?

I don’t like my school canteen so I eat at home. I usually have (a bowl of) soup and meat with vegetables for lunch.


What would you recommend to a teenager who wants to stay fit and healthy?

I would recommend to this teenager to be more active and do sport regularly. Also it’s very important to eat healthy food.


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