Living in a big city is a challenge


Imagine that you are doing a project “Living in a big city is a challenge” together with your friend. You have found some illustrations and want to share the news. Leave a voice message to your friend. In 2.5 minutes be ready to tell the friend about the photos:

  • Give a brief description of the photos (2 features connected with the subject of the project in each photo minimum);
  • Say in what way the pictures are different (2 features connected with the subject of the project minimum);
  • Mention the advantages and disadvantages (1-2) of two types of living;
  • Explain how the photos illustrate the project “Living in a big city is a challenge”;
  • Express your opinion on the subject of the project – whether you would like to live in a big city in the future and why yes or no.

You will speak not more than 3 minutes (2-3 sentences for every item of the plan, 12-15 sentences total). You have to talk continuously.



Hi, … I hope that you haven’t forgotten about the project we are going to do together. You know, I have found a couple of great pictures for it.

In the first picture there is a busy city, it must be New York. We can see skyscrapers with a number of advertisements on the buildings and a traffic jam.  Also there are crowds of people everywhere. In the second one a picturesque village is quietly situated not far away from the mountains. We can’t see any people in the photo but we understand that they like living here very much. 

These two pictures have a couple of differences. Firstly, they underline two different ways of living: in a huge city or in tiny village. Secondly, the presence or absence of crowds of people everywhere in the pictures is a significant difference too.

I suppose in the project we have to mention the disadvantages of living in a big city. It’s obvious that in the city you have to constantly deal with various types of people and for introverts it must be hard. Secondly, air pollution is becoming a big challenge nowadays. Living in a city means living between cars and their smoke. Also you have to waste a lot of time in traffic jams. The stunning and quiet view of a village in the second picture is presented as opposed to busy life in a city.

I think that both of these photos properly illustrate the topic of our project. The first one shows the problems people face if they live in a huge city while the second one underline the advantages we can get if we choose living in a smaller place. Both pictures together provoke reflection and arguments about our topic.

As for me I can’t imagine my life in a small town or a village in the future. I’m sure I need the activeness and entertainments which big cities offer.

I want to know what you think about my ideas as soon as possible so, please, call me back.


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