Урок 3 «Что происходит?»

Далее в задании №3 раздела Говорение экзамена ОГЭ,

мы должны ответить еще на два вопроса:

Кто и/или что изображено на фотографии?

Что происходит?

what/who is in the photo

what is happening

Мы должны упомянуть в этом пункте самый крупный объект/предмет,

расположенный на переднем плане in the foreground.

Здесь важно связать вашу текущую мысль со сказанным ранее

о месте и времени съемок,

или, по крайней мере,

не противоречить уже упомянутой информации.


предыдущая часть ответа будет здесь повторяться (черным цветом)

а часть, отвечающая на заданные ЗДЕСЬ вопросы, будет в синем цвете!

Группа 1

«Красотка или симпатяга»


This photo was taken 2 years ago in the city centre.

That day I asked my friend to take a good photo of me.

This is me in the photo walking along the street and smiling at the camera.

I’m sure that you’ve recognised me.

I’m wearing an elegant white dress and holding a tiny black bag in my right hand.



My friend, who we often do exercises with, took this photo a couple of days ago after our training in the park.

On Sunday morning we finished our morning run.

The weather was beautiful and I wanted to have a great photo of the day.

In this photo you can see  me in the foreground.

I’m listening to music in my headphones and not looking at the camera. 

I’m a bit tired after my morning exercise but happy.


My boyfriend took this photo last summer in Moscow.

We were walking in the park and it started to rain suddenly.

It was warm and I wanted to dance in the rain.

In the photo,as you have already probably understood,

there is me walking in the rain with an umbrella not properly used to protect me

in such kind of weather conditions.


Группа 2

«Моя семья»


This photo was taken 5 years ago.

We wanted to have a beautiful photo of my whole family.

We asked a professional photographer to take some photos.

We are outside in the park and we are enjoying the process of shooting very much.

In the photo you can see my parents, my brother and me.

In the photo I am about 10 or 11 years old.

We are lying on the grass in the park and all smiling at the camera.


This photo was taken by my uncle who is a professional photographer.

He likes taking unusual and unexpected photos like this one.

6 years ago we were sitting at the Christmas table in the living room and my uncle went outside to take the photo which we were not aware about.

We were not posing that is why we look so natural here.

In the foreground you can see a window and behind it there is my family:

my dad, my mum and my sisters with me.

There is an amazing New Year Tree behind us.

We are sitting at the table, talking to each other and having a festive dinner.


This photo was taken last summer about 10 months ago in our grandparents’ summer house.

That day we gathered to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday and we were having dinner outside.

The weather was perfect!

My whole family is in the photo: my cousins, my uncle and aunt, my parents.

The man in the middle wearing a pink shirt is my grandfather who I love very much.

We are eating, talking and enjoying our time together.


Группа 3



This photo was taken in August 2017.

It was the first day of our trip to Europe.

We had just arrived and, of course, we needed a map to find the place where our hotel was located.

You can see all members of our team.

The guy, who is holding a map, is Den and you haven’t met him yet.

Two other men you know really well, Tom looks a bit confused as we couldn’t find the way for some time.

I’m trying to help Den to find the street we needed and laughing at this amusing situation.


This photo was taken in the middle of July 2018.

We were travelling in Europe and it was a really hot day.

We were exhausted and decided to have a rest and sat right on the road to relax a bit.

There is a quiet motorway outside the city and the beautiful forests around it.

This is my boyfriend Nick next to me.

We are sitting on the road and leaning our elbows on our backpacks.

We are wearing casual clothes, bandanas and sunglasses to potect us from the sun.


This photo was taken 10 months ago when I was in London with my family.

It was an amazing trip.

It was so sunny and I decided to take a selfie.

At the same moment my brother took this photo.

I think it’s funny and I like it very much.

You definitly recognised the building behind me.

Big Ben is a symbol of the UK capital and I’m sure that every tourist has a photo like this one.

The weather that day wasn’t very typical, as you can see it was incredibly sunny.

I’m smiling and trying to find the best angle to take the ideal photo of myself.


Группа 4

«Экзотические места»


This photo was taken 2 years ago when we had a trip to the most exotic place where I had been.

It was the unforgettable trip to Bali.

That island looked like a heaven. 

The Asian girl in a boat was sitting and looking at as.

I don’t know what she was doing there alone.

She looked like a part of the splendid horizon and the quietest ocean behind her.



I took this photo last summer when I travelled to Egypt with my family.

We were walking on the beach and I noticed a stranger who was riding a camel.

On a huge and almost white camel there are some coverings helping the traveller to feel more comfortable.

The man astride is wearing traditional clothes and a head-dress.

In the background you can see an ancient building which probably served as a lighthouse.



This photo was taken 5 years ago when we travelled to Malasia.

As I remember, this day of our trip was the most interesting as we were visining a lot of local places.

The girl wearing national bright clothes and a straw hat is selling something in the market.

When she noticed as she smiled at the camera.

In the background there are some people purchasing and selling traditional food.

The photo is colourful and I think it reflects the way people live in this country.


Группа 5

«Экстремальный опыт»


This photo was taken a week ago.

We were jumping with a parachute not far away from the city we live.

The day was perfect for jumping!

The man here is an instrustor who helped me to make my first jump.

To be honest, he is the person who is managing the process and I’m just flying with my eyes closed.

It was terrifying!



This photo was taken in the middle of the summer in the camp for teenagers.

We were having different types of extreme adventure including mountain climbing.

As you know a summer is the best season for climbers.

In this photo I’m climbing a vertical cliff.

I’m wearing a helmet and comfortable clothes for this dangerous process.

I was rather good at it and was enjoying every moment of climbing.



This photo was taken 3 months ago.

We were having an extreme holiday and you can see a part of it.

As I remember it was the last adventure we had in our trip.

Probably, you won’t believe but this is me/my brother.

I’m/He’s bungee jumping from a giant bridge which you can’t see in the photo.

Look, I’m/He’s almost flying here.

The landscape that you can see here is amazing but, to be honest, at that moment I couldn’t notice any of these picturesque views.


Группа 6

«Странный выбор»


This photo was taken 7 months ago in the center of our city.

I was walking alone and noticed this poor dog.

The dog was extremely thin and miserable.

It was crossing the road and looking for some food at the same time.

In the background you can see a part of a blue car which almost stopped to let the dog cross the road safely.

I think the driver of the car also felt sorry for this poor creature.



This photo was taken 6 months ago when we travelled to Holland.

I was impressed by the number fo people using bicycles instead of cars and I liked the idea a lot.

I took this photo on our way from the airport to the hotel where we lived.

A lot of bikes were parked near an office building.

They are just standing not far away from the central entrance of the building.

It looks like they are devoted pets waiting for their owners.



This photo was taken last autumn in the park.

The weather was wonderful.

The colours were so bright that I couldn’t stop taking photos that day.

You can see a quiet road of the park which is situated not far away from the place where I live.

Nobody’s walking in the park because it was an early Sunday morning.

I was walking and enjoying the last days of the good weather that year.

Как вы, вероятно, заметили

описание происходящих действий производится во времени Present Continuous.

Напомню схему образования Present Continuous:

am/is/are + глагол + ing


если глагол run — бежать,

то мы говорим

I’m running (a marathon).

He is running.

We are running.


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