ЭССЕ в ЕГЭ. Урок 5: Conclusion/Заключение

Заключение —  это финальный параграф нашего эссе.

Как и вступление, заключение должно бфть коротким и емким, не более 2-3 предложений.

В заключении необходимо подветси итог сказанному: еще раз выразить свою точку зрения на проблему и , возможно, повторить свой самый весомый аргумент.


Фразы-клише для заключения:

To sum up, I believe that …

In conclusion, I would say that there are advantages and disadvantages in both points of view but …

In conclusion, I would underline that …


Закончим работу с нашими темами.

Я повторю как мы формулировали наше мнение во втором параграфе и использую представленную там информацию в заключении.


Тема 1:

Friendship is the greatest gift of life.


In my opinion, it is wonderful to have friends as friendship is an exceptional gift which our life offers.


To sum up, I believe it would be perfect to have friends, count on their support and spend great time together sharing common interests and hobbies.


Тема 2:

Childhood is not the best time of one’s life.


In my opinion, the time when we are young is the easiest and the most interesting part of our life.


In conclusion, I believe that childhood is the best time of our life as we do not need to worry about our basic needs.


Тема 3:

One should not pay too much attention to fashion.


I believe that it would be a great idea to buy and wear clothes which suit you and show your identity not taking into account the latest fashion trends.


To sum up, I think that your personal style and clothes that suit you are much more important than following fashionable trends.


Тема 4:

One should read about historical sights before sightseeing.


I believe that it would be a great idea to learn more about the places of interests in advance.


To sum up, I would recommend to every person who is planning to travel to do some background researches about historical sights to save money and time.


Тема 5:

It is wrong to make pupils read a lot in summer time.


In my opinion, it is absolutely wrong to make children read during their summer holidays.


To sum up, I believe that it would be unfair to make students read a lot while they are having their summer holidays. I think it is more useful to give them a chance to choose activities and books they are really interested in.


Тема 6:

Science is the first thing to be financed in the modern world.


In my opinion, it is extremely important to pay a lot of attention to science nowadays and that means that it must be properly funded.


To sum up, I believe that it would be reasonable to finance science first in order to improve many spheres of our life tomorrow.


Тема 7:

The skill of handwriting will be unnecessary soon.


In my opinion, the ability to write by hand will disappear shortly.


In conclusion, I would like to underline that the skill of handwriting will be useless as the technological progress offers us much easier and faster ways for storing information.




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